“The Maids” by Roman Viktiuk

L-E-S B-O-N-N-E-S.

Eh, what I was going to say? Well. A few hours ago I’ve seen with my own eyes the most influental (if not simply the best) Russian theatre play. I’m talking about “The Maids” written by Jean Genet and directed by the most eccentric director of Soviet Union/Russia – Roman Viktiuk.

This play has seen the light of Moscow scenes back in 1988, and left the censors at the Ministry of Culture with their mouths open (mostly because Viktiuk follows the will of Genet making all the female characters played by men). But for people it was a shock. It was a revelation. It was a breath of fresh air.

The play had 3 reincarnations, 22 years of being on stage, thousands of people who saw it and thousands of loyal fans who come to see every show. And it still produces the same impression, same feelings and emotions at the limit of… literally everything. It’s not theatre and at the same time it’s the purest theatre I’ve ever seen. There are no borders. There is nothing. Nothing but Claire asking to bring her the limeleaf broth, Solange screaming praises to Madame and Madame whispering about her lover and prison.

I’m not too coherent right now because of the impression, but “obligatory blog post”(tm) is required.

Thank you, thank you, Maestro.


~ by Anna on March 2, 2010.

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