.the winter has come!

Oh yeah, your humble narrator’s still alive and well…in a way. Actually not so alive – my sleep schedule is completely screwed up and I’m, like, permanently ill – and not so well – procrastination is the main reason of my nervous breakdowns, I suppose.

But while I was researching Francisco Franco’s biography, struggling with Physics and doing tons of shit that no one will ever need, the winter has come. Silently. Without me noticing it. One day I just went to the street and suddenly found out that everything is sinking in snow. Real, white snow. The one that always makes me incredibly nostalgic for my pre-school childhood and its evenings with my little friends on our local stadium. (I haven’t seen anyone of them for about 8 years and the stadium is self-destroying year by year.) I stood for a long time just letting the snowflakes fall on my face. I felt happy.

We rarely get much snow here these years. Since 2004 – the coldest winter in my life with -35C and tons of snow- our winter is quite European in the worst sense of this word: everything’s grey, no snow and -2C.  That’s why this year’s winter start is surprising me.

Also, today we got -25C. I forgot how does it feel, and now I can officially claim that I like it to be this cold.

A few photos. Because of my inner state it was hard to capture my temporary joy, so they’re not as they could be. Not as the real moments were.

-19C. Yesterday, December 14. Today was even colder.

The south of Moscow.

The Moscow river.


~ by Anna on December 15, 2009.

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