.let’s ban Augusts!

I have a suggestion: let’s ban Augusts. At all. At least in Russia. At least in my mind.
Well, I will probably be ignored, because there’s a life example of how every Monday people whine about banning them and no one does anything in the end. Meh.
August is like a Monday, except it’s 31 days long. Can you imagine, 31 goddamn Mondays in a row!
I think at this point you, my patient reader, need an explanation why such a usual month should be canceled.

In Russia everyone was afraid of this August: we all remember the last one that brought fear, tears and pain, and this year is repeating itself so much that it can be already sued for self-plagiarism. Last year it was a military conflict and a few minor events. And this one…oh, I’m scared of reading the newspapares and switch on the TV. Deaths – I’m still shocked by the death of Igor Tkachenko, one of the best Russian pilots ever – and an accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Power Plant. The last one is creating too much rumors and panic, mostly directed to the government that doesn’t do anything to save the possible 60 people somewhere underneath the water. Note: I’ve said “possible”. These people are missing (aside from about 15 dead), and someone is spreading rumors about some “shouts and noises”. I’ve got a big deja vu with the sinking of Kursk submarine, to be honest, and that’s why I don’t know who to believe. Probably not the government. Ok, I’m going all conspiracy-like, so before it becomes a political rant, i’ll pass to the personal side.

Besides of social and political aspects of Augusts being totally adverse for my country (as opposed to May that is believed to be the “lucky” month), I have personal issues with this period of time. Every year I get a nervous breakdown or get close to the border of depression in the middle of August. I cannot explain the causes, but it costs me tons of nerves and ruins many plans. It wouldn’t be so problematic if I didn’t perceive the following autumn as a scary time. Really scary, full of nightmares, insomnia, terrible state of mind, depressive art and all. So being in a mentally vulnerable condition for almost 4 months in a row every year isn’t very pleasant, is it? And I can’t do anything with it. This August isn’t so rough as the previous one, but… something unexplainable just happens inside of me and doesn’t let me be.

So, let’s ban these goddamn Augusts before they start being a worldwide disaster?


~ by Anna on August 20, 2009.

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