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Speaking of other things.

I was lucky enough to visit the first screening of the long-awaited “Moon” at the Moscow Film Festival. What can I say? It’s probably one of the best sci-fi movies since the 80s. It was worth all the waiting. Sam Rockwell did an amazing job in the movie and the whole soundtrack is a real masterpiece (well, Clint Mansell never does bad music).

Advertising, advertising.

And Duncan Jones is such a sweetheart! He visited the screening and even organized a Q&A after it, which was great and quite funny sometimes. (From the life experience: If you want to confuse Duncan Jones, just ask him something about his father.) We even gave him an old Soviet badge depicting the first Soviet lunar rover 🙂

Also, now it’s official. I’m going to St.Petersburg. And the only camera I take is Zenit-ET, a true monstercamera that feeds on films. Expect me whining because of torn films/extremely bad photos with messed up settings/gained neck hernia/etc.

Life’s going on, I’m in a good mood and working on a few projects that probably will never ever see the light of day, as always.



~ by Anna on June 30, 2009.

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  1. I belive in you;) Waiting for Photos and news, sweetheart :-*

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