The last few days ended up being pretty shocking for everyone. I mean, because of Michael Jackson’s death.

I “witnessed” it all from the beginning on Twitter: how people reacted on the first announcement about the cardiac arrest, how we figuratively buried him for the first time, how everyone found hope when it was said that he was in coma, how we all waited for a confirmation, how…

And it all felt like someone very special was passing away, someone who shouldn’t. Well, MJ was that special. A Legend. My childhood hero. I remember that the second time I’ve cried  because of a song, it was caused by his “Heal the World”. The first one was “Show Must Go On”, though. And I grew up on this music, it left a rather big influence on my personality. Actually, his influence can be seen in all the modern culture, from his music, his amazing music videos – each one is a masterpiece – to his way of moving and the “moon walk”. And I don’t care about anything bad people always try to remember about MJ – I just don’t believe. He was just a victim of the circumstances, a kid who didn’t want to grow up. And the society is guilty in his death. At least now he can take a peaceful rest from everything he passed through.

The thing that scares me the most is different. Now, when the King of Pop is dead, and other legends are aging with tremendous velocity, who’s gonna replace them? No one. We’re on a kind of a deadline when all the pioneers of mass-culture are leaving the scene. Some do it peacefully, others surround themselves with rumors and scandals. But they have rights for that: they’re a generation who actually changed the world. They will be remembered. And the next generation? Will they? I can hardly remember a few names who really made something significant.

I sound like a retrograde, I know, but thinking of it all scares the hell out of me.

Anyhow, at least MJ will be remembered. Thank you, Michael, for the times when pop music was amazing.

Taken in front of American embassy in Moscow, June 26.


~ by Anna on June 30, 2009.

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  1. Good speech… A agree with you, our world wouldn’t be the way it is now without his influence… I appreciate him a lot, his songs are always something special… They make people better I think… Rest with peace…

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