Don’t blink

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Time flies so fast that a blink of an eye takes me far away from where and when I’ve been before distracting and closing my eyes. It is September, whispers a calendar on my wall, it is already September. I am a grown-up with (sort of) a job, (kind of) uni studies and a big bag of things better forgotten on my shoulder. Pictures fly in front of my eyes, snapshots of what has been and what could have been. And all I can do is… nothing. Put them in a frame to upset myself even more, probably.

And I keep blinking and blinking and blinking, and everything around me is moving with a terrible speed while I am still. A fast forward built into my eyeballs.

A wild hurricane of events has broken my calmness as if it was made of thin glass. And I am standing aside, looking at it all as a silent witness, not being able to breathe out a single word. Sometimes these words are badly needed, sometimes they aren’t. But the truth is still the same. I am a silent witness of my own life.

So I’d better blink one more time: maybe I’ll find myself in a more pleasant time and space then.


Black waves and snow

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And the snow keeps falling. The snowflakes are slowly waltzing down from the sky, white as milk that I used to detest as a kid. The snow is falling or, better to be said, raining, flowing from above. It is covering the ground, cars, buildings, fences, faces, hands, heads, and goes on, and on, and on, and no one knows when will it stop falling.

I walk past the churches and old houses that are now deserted and abandoned, as the snow is falling down. A poem emerges in my head. “Sobre el asfalto de Madrid llueve nieve…” The lines flow before my eyes, clouding the gloomy landscape of a Thursday morning in the center of the city. I count the metre of these lines as I make and make and make steps.

Se me ha caído encima la madurez,
de golpe, sin darme tiempo
a eludir sus lacerantes aristas.

Madame Autumn burst frantically into my life and hit me hard. She left, but yesterday I found her coat on my windowsill, so I know she will be back soon. She will be back and she won’t forget to bring those words, those raindrops on my shoes, those umbrellas, those eyes I won’t ever forget, those clusters of wounds I have seen, those nights with lying on the floor, those bitten lips, and more, and more, and more. She always knows how to make me howl at the moon in despair because there’s nothing else left to do.

And I will be unarmed and defenceless. I always am.

Te puedes morir
si quieres,
mas no te lo aconsejo.
Sobre cobardes
no hay nada escrito,

– whisper I walking past the riverside. The ice hasn’t started to form yet, so I look at the black waves, close my eyes and see the sea. The sea that, according to another poem, couldn’t sleep, tired of counting the waves, and dreamt about a far place where no one knew about his bitter color. These black waves have already stopped dreaming. Forever.

Sobre el asfalto de Madrid llueve nieve.

Crystal insanity

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The spring has vanished without even starting. Sleep, eternal sleep, infinite sleep is what I was submerged in last months. Morbid, white air around, whispers behind my back. And nothing more.

And when I say nothing, I mean it. What did I dream last year, what caused all those pathetic words about spring being not a state of nature, but an uncurable condition? Bullshit, complete and utter bullshit. There are no fairies, no daydreams, no sunlight, no lemons and whirpools. Were they at all? I am already not sure.

The only thing that is real, that seems real, that feels real is the silence. Transparent, solid as crystal, inhibiting any sound, word or touch. Crystal cage it is, crystal walls around me. The Lawyer of Glass himself could be envying me for becoming so softly insane being completely sane.

And yet I do not seem to go well with it all anymore. Crystal is solid, it never was as fragile as it looks. So was my voice before. Now I am mute and only able to murmur.

Saint Petersburg in snow

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The end of November was unexpectedly spent in the Northern Venice, St. Petersburg.  Yes, that hostile city I hate. And yet I don’t miss any opportunity to go there.

Why do I suddenly start to remember things that took place three months ago? Because only today I’ve developed photos.

The Palace Square.

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Marble resolutions

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The new year has silently crawled in. What year is it now? 2011? I am not sure anymore, since calendars started to lie to me every day. I have to find a way to tell dates from the sun, as several smart people do with time.

The snow this year – and the last days of the previous one, too – is so white that it blinds. Even the usual greyness of Moscow cannot kill its whiteness. It is not snow perhaps, but a mantle of white marble that has covered the whole city. Marble streets, marble clouds on a marble sky, marble cars with marble passengers, marble people holding marble hands… “And the twelve Gods leapt up in marble fear” – echoes a quote from Wilde’s “Charmides” in my head. Yes, and marble Gods, too.

And this marble shows that everthing is changing and nothing changes at all.

Last year was the year of anachronisms and sighs, smell of old books and bones aching from tenderness. The year of Lorca and Cernuda, the year of Albeniz and Vertinsky. Apart from that, it was the year of debuts: my work at RT, my published poem translations (oh, forgive me, don Luis!) and my reading of them in front of people I admire, my uni studies and, and… Everything.

Maybe I should try to write down a few resolutions to see if I make true at least one of them? No poetry, only prose. No common phrases, only strict aims.

  • to finally start publishing articles under my own name.
  • to publish an article on paper.
  • to publish some translations without any influence or help.
  • to start making money somehow.
  • to finish that goddamn “Viento en la colina”.
  • to learn how to knit and not forget it after 24 hours.
  • to learn the whole “Asturias” by Albeniz on guitar.
  • to go to Novgorod once again.
  • to make my own radio program on FMGU.
  • to learn how to play castanets.

All? That’s all. I cannot function without severe borders. And here they are. And while you’re being surprised by my shallowness and prozaicness, I’ll leave you to go and carve these resolutions in marble.

The haze inside.

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Sing, Goddess, sing of the rage of Achilles, son of Peleus.

I am – yes, I am! – alive. Yet I don’t know where am I, what year is it not not who am I anymore. I feel like I’ve woken up after a long drinking bout and I am trying to analyze what has happened since I was, speaking in mild words, “absent”. And the whole idea of exploring the reality around me does not seem successfull. I understand the thoughts of Ovid, Catullus and Homer much more than my own ones. I keep talking to Dionysus sometimes, both literally and figuratively. This is not the scariest thing. The fact that it does not feel wrong is.

I close my eyes and hear the roar of waves in a black night, so black that I don’t see the difference between the Universe and the air around me. We’ve lost this feeling in the last 25 centuries.

I open my eyes and see a few comments under my articles on Russia Today’s website. I am read by people on the opposite side of the planet. Did I really open my eyes?

I close my eyes once again and the first thing that comes to my mind is the word “hedonism”. I think I’ve found how to describe the motivation of several episodes of my life.

Something is tearing apart. Something. Slowly, day by day. Yet I cannot catch what it is. Add this to my whole condition of disorientation described in the first paragraph, and voila, you have the full picture. Now the only thing that’s left is to frame it and hang it on the wall with a writing underneath that says “The haze inside, or Someonepunchherintheface” or another similar name of a “modern art” piece.

Maybe the snow will put everything in its place. Last years the snow was the salvation I needed.

And thus they buried Hector, tamer of horses.

An autumn that came too soon

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The summer has flown away. Too early this time. The first yellow leaves lie on the ground. They whisper at my ear that the autumn knocked on my door yesterday when I wasn’t at home. An autumn that came too soon has already started to tear my thoughts and feelings apart. And my sociopathy and misanthropy are too close to the surface once again. Anna, be careful, a flood of these feelings is too dangerous for you. Remember the last year? Remember the previous years?

I’m unconsciously stepping on the same rake, again and again and again.

But where was the summer? And was it real? Wasn’t it a dream? Memories seem quite surreal. Time gaps and random pieces. A few school-leaving exams. A nightingale insolently singing during Russian. A website with results. An evening at my granny’s house with sedatives, alcohol and knitting. Running between universities with a ton of useless papers. My godfather and his illness. New exams. Studying literature in public transport. The feeling of unity with those who carry the same textbooks and go in the same direction as you with the same problems and worries as you. Interview at MSU. The play I wrote about it. Random trip to Petersburg. Ladoga. An old painter in metro. Bare feet on Nevsky. Calls and lists. Confirmation. Mademoiselle Irina. Middle of nowhere. Swallows, the wonderful creatures. Broken iPhone. Jupiter. Douglas the dog. …and here the autumn starts.

Nothing else, only snapshots and bright flashes. No words, they stopped to mean anything in spring.

And sun, eternal sun. Omnipresent sun. Almighty Sun. I bend my knees, your Majesty.

In certain moments I felt like I was running away from myself. But what worked pretty good before didn’t become the way out today. Even dawns and swallows – my heart clenches when I see their tails chaotically flying above – didn’t help. Neither helped Jupiter, he’s too naughty and egocentric sometimes.

No, this can’t go on like this, you’d say. Yes it can. Yes, it can.

It’s called autumn hell, in case you forgot, my dear girl.